WHO Afghanistan launches Health Information Products Portal – Afghanistan

September 27, 2022, Kabul. A one-stop-shop for health information products on Afghanistan was launched on September 27, 2022 in Kabul on a hybrid format of in-person and online participation. The portal provides comprehensive and interactive information dashboards that would support planning, coordination, preparedness and decision-making critical to emergency preparedness and response.

“Today marks an important milestone for our work in Afghanistan, as we are launching comprehensive and interactive information dashboards that would illustrate our work in delivering health services in the country,” said Dr Luo Dapeng. , WHO representative. “Let’s use this resource as a tool to save lives and promote health, especially for women and girls.”

The portal is an open-access resource that provides access to detailed data from over 4,100 health facilities in the country. The main sections of the portal include:

  • The Health Resources and Services Availability Monitoring System (HeRAMS) Dashboard provides key information on essential health resources and services that are critical to decision makers at national, regional and global levels.

  • The Underserved Areas Dashboard is a geospatial analysis integrating multiple layers of data from different sources to identify areas that are currently not served by any primary health care service. This analysis is the broadest gap analysis in terms of available health services for the most vulnerable populations in Afghanistan.

  • The Trauma Care Dashboard provides data based on 106 health facilities reporting trauma and emergency care, including specialty hospitals; regional, provincial and district hospitals, university hospitals, basic health centers and sub-health. Access to trauma is considered a key intervention and one of the key indicators of service delivery.

  • The Medical Supplies Dashboard provides strategic and detailed information on the distribution in the form of figures, tables, graphs and maps of the medical supplies available and distributed by WHO in the delivery of health services. Medical supplies include high-quality medical kits, supplies and equipment distributed through partners.

  • Our infographics can help you understand complex concepts using visual aids such as charts, graphs or diagrams. This section uses both images and text in a visual format to explain concepts. With infographics, you can quickly scan the document, understand the information, and remember it long after leaving the page.

To learn more about this portal, see this link: WHO Emergency Afghanistan Portal — WHE (whe-him.org)

For an explanation, watch this video: WHO Afghanistan Emergency Dashboard Portal – YouTube

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