What Seasons Adult Day Health Services has to offer

Seasons Adult Day Health Services in Midland is a therapeutic enrichment program offered during the day in a group setting. It is intended for people living with a chronic illness, memory problems or dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Doors open at 7:30 a.m., but attendees can enter at a time that suits them.

The first morning group program, led by a highly trained program assistant, focuses on brain work through conversation and memory use, and supports the improvement of language skills. As the brain changes, these are areas where people with dementia will begin to have more challenges. We must use it so as not to lose it.

It is very important to exercise the brain as well as the body. The second morning program features chair exercises where participants work on flexibility, range of motion, coordination and strength. It is vital that participants remain as strong and independent as possible.

Rounding out the morning, participants indulge in a musical program featuring familiar songs with varying themes and from different decades. Music and singing can improve mood, recall memories, strengthen the lungs and improve self-esteem.

Lunch at noon is considered the biggest program of the day. Staying socially active is important for fending off cognitive changes. Having a good conversation and fostering friendships is what lunchtime is all about. It is provided by the Trailside kitchen.

Live music and entertainment on special days after lunch brings great energy, big smiles and puts miles on your dancing shoes. Participants not only enjoy the music, but also exercise without even realizing it.

The following program provides physical activity that is not only fun, but allows participants to work on standing balance, mobility and gross motor skills.

Often people with cognitive changes have difficulty with language and finding words. Each day offers a program dedicated to working on these skills through specially planned brain game exercises.

The last program of the day focuses on lifelong learning. You are never too old to learn something new.

Throughout the day at Seasons, some participants benefit from personal assistance or medical monitoring by a qualified nurse. Salon services are also available from a licensed esthetician. The Activities Coordinator plans interesting and engaging special events and community outings throughout the month to add variety and excitement.

When someone is interested in Seasons, they sit down with the Family Support Manager to discuss any questions and walk around the center. Seasons aims to provide a therapeutic and engaging environment for each person. After the visit, you can schedule two days of free attendance. This allows you to choose a day with engaging activities that you can participate in or just observe.

After the two free days, you can decide if you want to join the Seasons program. Registration simply means that you or your care partner will complete paperwork and choose an attendance schedule. Most attendees attend on a structured and regular basis, but if you prefer to choose different days each week, Seasons can accommodate that too.

Call the Family Support Manager at 989-633-3764 for more information.

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