Victoria’s quarterly health service performance report reveals latest wait times for elective surgeries and ambulances

The number of patients in the queue for elective surgery in Victoria has been revealed, along with the number of Code 1 cases that paramedics responded to within the 15-minute benchmark.

The figures are contained in the latest Victoria Health Service performance data, covering the April to June quarter, which was released on Saturday.

The update shows there were 87,275 patients waiting for elective surgery between April and June, down slightly from 88,920 in the previous quarter.

At the same time last year, there were 66,230 patients on the waiting list.

There were 41,468 patients who underwent elective surgery during the quarter, compared to 27,961 between January and March.

ER presentations rose 5.1% from the previous quarter to 486,701.

Patients arriving at the emergency room waited an average of 25 minutes to be treated, three minutes longer than the first three months of the year.

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A total of 57.52% of patients were transferred from an ambulance to an emergency department within 40 minutes, compared to 63.49% last quarter and 66.41% between April and June last year.

Ambulance Victoria said it had its busiest quarter on record with 97,928 Code 1 cases, 16% more ‘fires and sirens’ cases than the same time last year.

Only 64% of Code 1 cases were responded to within the 15 minute target, below the benchmark of 85%.

“There are no signs of demand slowing down over the winter. COVID-19 continues to pose a high risk to Victorians and will for some time to come,” said Felicity Topp, Acting Chief Executive of ‘Victoria Ambulance.

Health Minister Mary-Anne Thomas said the data showed the state was “weathering the storm” amid unprecedented demand for health services.

“We are in the midst of a record period of demand on our healthcare system, but this latest data shows that we are weathering the storm and building a system that will be stronger than ever in the future,” said Ms. Thomas.

“All of our healthcare workers are doing an incredible job in difficult circumstances – and this government is making sure they have all the support they need to get Victorians the care they deserve, faster.”

Victorian Healthcare Association policy and advocacy manager Juan Paolo Legaspi said in a statement that ‘extreme demand appears to be the new normal in Victoria’ as he called for increased government support for healthcare workers. health.

“There were seasonal peaks and troughs in the work intensity of our healthcare workers. These data show that we are in an unprecedented era of intense demand,” Legaspi said.

“Our healthcare staff are constantly under high pressure. It’s unsustainable.

“Unless we hire many more workers to quickly reduce this burden, we risk losing staff faster than we can recruit or train them.”

The state government says its $12 billion pandemic recovery plan includes training and recruiting up to 7,000 healthcare workers.

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