University Health Services Introduces Virtual Waiting Room: UMass Amherst

University Health Services (UHS) has announced a new virtual waiting room for walk-in clinics. Patients can now access same-day acute care at UHS, without leaving the comfort of their current location until it is their turn to be seen by a nurse or provider at UHS.

Join the virtual waiting room via the UHS site or text UMASSUHS to 413-992-3326. Texting into the system will allow two initial options 1) Walk-in Clinic and 2) Covid PCR Test. Select the option you need and once you enter the virtual waiting room, you will receive an SMS with an estimated waiting time. Patients will then receive an additional text message when they reach the first row. They will be able to send a text response to request more time or leave the queue by following the prompts that will be listed in the body of the message.

UHS will require all walk-in clinic patients to join the virtual waiting room. Those who come to UHS without queuing will be instructed to do so by the front desk staff. A QR code will be available for patients to scan in the lobby. This means that those who don’t register in the virtual waiting room in advance may end up waiting longer than someone who joined the queue before them, even if you arrived at the UHS first.

The only exception to this rule is for patients who think they need care immediately. In this case, patients should go to UHS immediately and ask to speak to a nurse. Some reasons a patient might need immediate care at UHS include:

  • Allergic reaction
  • Minor cuts and burns
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Joint sprains or pain (acute)
  • Back or muscle pain (acute)
  • Skin disorders (acute)
  • sexual assault
  • Psychiatric crisis

Patients are reminded that the UHS is not an emergency room. In the event of a life-threatening emergency, dial 911 for ambulance transport to a hospital. The signs of a medical emergency are listed on the UHS website.

As always, same day and future appointments can be scheduled by calling 413-577-5101. The UHS Shuttle provides free rides from residence halls to UHS; to schedule a ride, call UMass Transit at 413-577-7425.

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