‘Traveller-friendly’ health directory contains up-to-date health information

On the occasion of the launch of the user-friendly directory of travelers

A HEALTH directory designed to be “traveller friendly” was launched this week in Clondalkin.

The Clondalkin Travelers Development Group (CTDG) brochure contains up-to-date information on health services and is designed to fit in a pocket or purse.

CTDG supports travelers living in the Clondalkin, Lucan, Newcastle and Palmerstown areas.

One of the areas of work is undertaken by their Primary Health Care (PHC) team – a group of local Traveler women who provide support to the community around health issues.

The team is made up of a PHC coordinator and a group of Traveler men and women who are primary health workers.

Recently, the PHC team developed the Clondalkin Directory of Health and Community Services. This small booklet contains information about health care and other local services in an easy-to-access format.

CTDG said: “The PHC team felt it was necessary to update the booklet as numbers and services have changed since the publication of the original local health directory.

“The team designed a traveler-friendly pocket dictionary that could be carried daily, in their pocket or purse, because not everyone in the traveler community would have access to a smartphone or the internet. “

The booklet was launched at the North Clondalkin Library on June 1 by South Dublin Area Coordinator Joe Rynn.

The CTDG would like to thank the HSE Travel Health Unit and CYPSE for their support in the production of this brochure.

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