TMC-accelerated Houston startup exits healthcare services giant

Residents suffering from the onslaught of our city’s many allergens, or from lung or skin ailments, may soon find relief with one of the most prevalent compounds on the planet: salt.

Halotherapy, a treatment in which users breathe in tiny particles of salt that dates back to the 12th century, will be available later this year in Houston thanks to The Suite of Saltthe only salt therapy franchise chain in the country.

The company has announced plans to open 20 new locations in Houston by the end of 2022. Areas targeted by The Salt Suite include River Oaks, Galleria/Uptown, West Memorial, I-10 Villages and Katy, said a company spokesperson at CultureMap.

How it works? Through 45-minute salt therapy sessions in the Salt Suite “caves,” a machine – dubbed a halogen – grinds dry, pharmaceutical-grade salt into microscopic particles, which are dispersed into the air in the salt rooms, according to a press release. Guests are encouraged to kick back, relax, and breathe in the purified, antibacterial salt microparticles in the air.

This halotherapy, according to the company, relieves allergy symptoms, respiratory conditions, skin problems and strengthens the immune system. (Salt parlors are certainly cozy.) Membership plans start at $109, according to the company’s website.

Salt Suite brass adds that the company called on Houston for one of our most famous or infamous characteristics: allergies.

“Few people know that Houston is also one of the most allergy-prone American cities in the country,” Tiffany Dodson, CEO of The Salt Suite, said in a statement, “which makes us excited to bring much-needed relief to communities. Houston locals and help them discover the benefits of halotherapy.

Other Salt Suite options include kids sessions, skincare, salt cabins, and private events.

People interested in salt sessions or even franchise opportunities can find information online.


This article was originally published on CultureMap.

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