Tasmania’s Premier – Peacock Center will provide innovative new mental health services

August 18, 2022

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Mental Health and Wellbeing

The Liberal Government of Tasmania continues to improve mental health outcomes for Tasmanians as we move forward with our mental health reform agenda and deliver an innovative, first-of-its-kind mental health centre.

The redevelopment of the Peacock Center unfortunately suffered a major setback due to a deliberately set fire on Christmas Eve last year, but is now on track for completion and handover in early 2023.

When it opens in early 2023, the center will host four services which are all new to Tasmania, providing contemporary, recovery-focused and compassionate care – helping people get the right support, at the right time.

The Peacock Center will house a 12-bed short-stay unit offering specialist assessment and treatment in a home environment for people who do not require hospitalization. This will increase the overall capacity of mental health services, providing intensive, community-based mental health care.

In addition, the Center will include:

  • A safe haven designed to provide responsive and compassionate care to people in suicidal and situational distress. It will be open daily, for extended hours;
  • A mental health drop-in center that will act as a one-stop-shop where consumers, families and carers can be connected with a range of community service providers to help build individual capacity, prevent the worsening of mental illness or assist in ongoing recovery; and
  • A Recovery College that offers courses to support wellness and recovery, including for consumers, family and friends, clinical and support staff, and community members interested in mental health.

Each component will operate with a common philosophy based on the individual needs of consumers and their families and friends, valuing the perspective of those with lived experience, reorienting mental health services to the community, and providing respectful and responsive care. recovery oriented.

The Peacock Center represents a significant injection of staff into the mental health workforce, with recruitment underway for over 45 new multi-disciplinary positions, including peer helpers with lived experience, nursing, allied health and medical personnel.

Peer workforce is at the heart of these new services and part of what makes them unique.

The Peacock Center redevelopment is part of a $20.7 million investment from our government, which includes plans to open a second mental health center in St John’s Park in 2024, providing another safe haven, 15 short stay and a mental health integration centre, co-located with the Statewide Tasmanian Eating Disorder Service.

In recognition of the Peacock Center project, building contractors Hansen Yuncken launched a grassroots initiative to “Place a Hand for Mental Health” on the building’s cladding.

The initiative places permanent handprints on the exterior cladding of the building, to be left as a positive legacy of supporting mental health awareness within the project team and all contractors on the site, and in the fabric of the building itself.

It gives me so much heart to see organizations in our community taking steps to empower their staff to support each other, build the confidence to talk about mental health, and fight stigma.

I thank the project team, builders and contractors who work tirelessly to bring this project to fruition.

The Peacock Center has tremendous community goodwill and I look forward to Tasmanians benefiting from its services, as we continue our work to ensure Tasmanians can get the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

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