Report: Blaine County Needs Addiction and Mental Health Services | Blaine County

Substance abuse prevention and treatment, mental and behavioral health services, housing stability and accessible transportation are Blaine County’s most important health needs, according to a recent report from the St. .Luke.

Last week, St. Luke released its 2022 Community Health Needs Assessments, which assessed health needs in communities in southwest and south-central Idaho. In the analysis, conducted every three years, St. Luke’s conducts extensive research to understand the most serious health issues and trends in the communities it serves, including Blaine County, the greater Boise area , Elmore County, Jerome County, McCall’s Area and Twin Falls.

Access to mental and behavioral health services topped the most pressing health needs assessments in each community surveyed. Other major health issues, which vary by community, are nutrition programs and education, prevention and treatment of substance use disorders, housing stability, services for children and families, air and water quality and accessible transportation.

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