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A Beautiful You Health Center opened this summer in Longview, offering a variety of aesthetic, stem cell and medical weight loss services, as well as hormone therapy and primary care services.

Dr. Charles “Bill” Ball and his wife, Mary Ramos Ball, opened the clinic at 1409 McCann Road after leaving Catholic Health Initiative in Arkansas after a more than 40-year career in family medicine with a desire to pursue something new. He said that before opening the new clinic, he traveled around the country working with “the best authorities in their field” in the fields of stem cell therapy and other treatments.

“It’s amazing,” Bill Ball said of stem cell therapy. “I can take a very diseased joint and put new cells into it…That’s probably the most exciting thing I’ve learned and we have the capability here at the clinic to deliver stem cells for any condition.”

The couple said they contracted with a “very reputable” company to supply the stem cells, which they say come from the delivery of full-term babies whose mothers donate the umbilical cords for the purpose of extracting them. stem cells.

Plasma-rich platelet treatments, also known as vampire facials, help renew the skin, remove acre scars and other skin blemishes, for example.

“We do a myriad of different things,” Ball said, including Botox, neurotoxin and hormone therapy are available for men and women.

Ball also couldn’t leave what he described as his divine calling in family medicine.

“I love taking care of patients. I will never retire until I am healthy,” he said.

His wife, Mary, said he had several patients who traveled from Arkansas to continue seeing him. She described him as a doctor who stays with patients as long as needed and prays with them, with a commitment to their overall health.

“We want everyone to be healthy,” she said.

“We are delighted to bring these services to Longview,” said Dr. Ball.

For more information, call (903) 470-8100, email [email protected], or visit

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