NEMCC partners with Region IV to provide mental health services to students

BOONEVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) — Making the transition from high school to college can be tough. And experts say it’s even worse for many students, following the Covid 19-related lockdowns and isolation.

A local community college is partnering with a mental health agency to help students who need long-term counseling, and it’s free to the student.

Trey Rogers was a student at NEMCC when he changed majors due to personal issues he was struggling with.

“I started out as an agriculture student, after the first semester I was going through a lot of stress and a bunch of different changes, and my general psychology teacher, being the people they were, made me realize that I was in the wrong major and moved on to psychology,” Rogers said.

Now, Rogers is a therapist with Region IV Mental Health Services and he will work on campus helping NEMCC students, dealing with a wide range of issues.

“Adjusting from high school to college, going from home life to dorm life, high stress from college workload or just a history of trauma they never had the chance to cross, different things like that,” Rogers said.

The counseling service provided by Region IV is made possible through a grant from the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration. This is the first time Region IV has partnered with a community college to provide long-term, on-site counseling.

“This is extremely important, especially after the isolation, loneliness, withdrawal, depression, impacted by Covid 19,” said Nikki Tapp, Clinical Director of Region IV.

Currently, the grant provides a Region IV counselor one and a half days a week, on campus. But the NEMCC Director of Consulting Services believes this will be expanded, due to need.

“I see students every day, this turns into long term in the past because students couldn’t afford counseling on their own, but there are other obligations in counseling services, so this will help alleviate, release other therapies provided by counselors and provide long therapy provided by therapists,” said Leigh Ann Stewart, Director of Counseling Services at NEMCC.

Students are referred to Revion IV therapists by NEMCC Counseling Services.

NEMCC students have been instructed on how to request the counseling service provided by Region IV.

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