National Integrated Heat and Health Information System Launches

The website has many interactive maps, including this current tracker of specific heat advisories issued by the National Weather Service across the country. Image:

The National Integrated Heat Health Information System (NIHHIS) launched the website today, providing resources and information for Americans looking to beat the heat. NIHHIS’ mission is to identify extreme heat service needs, develop science-based solutions, and leverage partnerships to empower communities for improved communications, capacity building, and decision-making. With a vision to keep the nation free of heat-related illnesses and deaths,’s effort is a collaboration of many federal partners including CDC, EPA, FEMA, NPS, DHHS , OSHA, NOAA, etc.

The website, which serves as the information hub for this collaborative enterprise, includes tools such as temperature and climate outlooks, information and resources that cover groups at risk from extreme heat, and press articles and related press releases from partner agencies. The website says they’re there as the nation’s “first source of heat and health information to help reduce the health, economic, and infrastructural impacts of extreme heat.”

The new website launched today, July 26, 2022. Image:
The new website launched today, July 26, 2022. Image:

NOAA Administrator Rick Spinrad, Ph.D., discussed NOAA’s role in the development of the new website in a press release shared by the agency today. “Reducing the risk of extreme heat in our nation requires a whole-of-government effort, which is why NOAA led a grand federal coalition to create, launch, and manage This website will improve public health and help us build a climate-ready nation.

“Currently, few healthcare systems have heat action plans, and heat exposure is rarely integrated into real-time clinical decision-making for patients,” said Cecilia Sorensen, MD, associate professor and director of the Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education at Columbia. University. “…There is an urgent need to improve health system preparedness to deal with the growing burden of heat-related illnesses. These new tools will give health systems easy access to the information they need to promote climate preparedness and heat resilience, improving patient and community health outcomes while reducing environmental impacts. system-wide and improving the efficiency of health systems. was created in conjunction with Esri, a geographic information system company. The website is hosted on Esri’s cloud-based geospatial platform, which allows easy access to a range of features, such as localized heat information, links to heating tools across from the federal government and an interactive map of urban heat island mapping from NOAA and NIHHIS. campaigns. The site supports access to open data, allowing communities and planners to integrate federal heat information into their own decision-making.

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