Jharkhand Health Services Association is gearing up for the new committee polls to be held tomorrow


Dhanbad, August 20: The deck is set for the election of the new Jharkhand Health Services Association (JHSA) committee for the 2022-24 sessions tomorrow (August 21).

The election was scheduled for August 7, but due to the delegation of doctors from different districts, including Chief Electoral Officer Dr. Lal Majhi, during the month-long Deoghar Shravani Mela, it was postponed to August 21. .

The ballot would be held for 11 positions including the president, a vice-president (from the Santhal Pargana division), the secretary and the convener since 7 vice-presidents, 7 co-secretaries and the treasurer were unanimously elected.

Four candidates are vying for the position of President Dr Sahir Pall (Civilian Surgeon of East Singhbhum) Dr Mohan Paswan (RCHO Sahebganj), Dr Padam Prakash Sah (Sadar hospital Khunti) and Dr Shankar Lal Murmu (Medical Officer Deoghar).

This is the first election for the office of president in 22 years. So far, from the first JHSA President, Dr. Sumant Mishra, to the outgoing Dr. Marshal Aind, all have been unanimously elected.

Generally, the chief health officer was chosen as chairman unanimously, but the current chief director, Dr. Krishna Kumar, refused to take on the responsibility.

In the 2019 elections, although Dr Sahir Pal of Jamshedpur presented his application, he withdrew from the race at the last moment against Dr Aind after JHSA members allegedly assured him of his support for the post of President in the next elections.

Three candidates are vying for the post of secretary, including Dr. Mritunjay Kumar Singh (Doctor Pakur), Thakur Mritunjay Kumar Singh (Doctor Chas, Bokaro) and Dr. Sidheshwar Baskey (Doctor CHC Silli Ranchi).

For a post of organizer, Dr. Md Shamim Akhtar, CHC doctor Gola, Ramgarh and Dr. Krishna Murari Singh from Ranchi are in direct competition.

The election would also be held for a seat of vice president of Santhal Pargana division where Dr. Rajiv Kumar, doctor of Deoghar sadar hospital and Dr. Amit Thakur, doctor of Pakur are vying.

Seven Vice Presidents including Dr. Sharda Kumar (Dental Wing), Dr. Meeta Sinha (Women’s Wing), Dr. Alok Ranjan Mahto (Kolhan Headquarters), Dr. Amrendra Prasad (Ranchi Headquarters Headquarters), Dr. Tanushree Chakraborty (Chhotanagpur North Sea) and Dr. Santosh Prasad (Palamu Division Headquarters) was elected unopposed.

Seven Joint Secretaries including Dr. Vikash Kumar Gupta (Ranchi Headquarters), Dr. Dinesh Chandra Swaiyan (Kolhan), Dr. Basudha (S Chhotanagpur), Dr. Rahul Kumar (N Chhotanagpur), Dr. Suresh Kumar Ram (Division of Palamu), Dr Ehtesham Uddin (Santhal) and Dr Niket Choudhary (dental office) were elected unopposed.

Dr. Stephen Xess of Ranchi was elected Treasurer without opposition.

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