GBT Announces New Version of Hippocrates AI Health Information System

GBT Technologies Inc., announced the release of a new version of its Hippocrates web application; an AI-based health information system that aims to provide health information. Hippocrates is a machine learning-driven healthcare content provider that is intended for personal and professional use. Users can provide symptoms, ask medical questions, and describe conditions to get front-line health information about a possible disease, including known medications and treatments. The new version of Hippocrates now incorporates government and professional accredited data resources, including the CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (, and other health resource data as references.

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The new version also uses Avant! AI engine to provide smart internet search, providing answers to general or specific health related questions. GBT targets Hippocrates to help professional doctors, hospitals and clinics in specific areas to provide medical information and diagnostic assistance. The system is designed to provide ongoing training within the healthcare professional’s experience to build solid knowledge over time, in addition to automatic updates to government resources and medical documentation. The service is also available to adults (18+) under a disclaimer and is not intended to replace a human doctor. GBT plans to seek partners in the medical field, including clinics or hospitals, with the goal of creating an area-specific health counseling system to assist with diagnoses and recommended treatments. The Hippocrates AI system is available to provide information on general health-related issues through its web application at

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“We are thrilled to announce the new version of the Hippocrates Health Advisory System, an AI-driven source of information for everyday users,” said Danny Rittman, CTO of GBT. “This is just one of many possible implementations of our Avant Core! AI technology. The AI ​​system aims to understand a user’s question, analyze the information and provide a targeted response. The new version of ‘Hippocrates is equipped with a large initial amount of health-related data and is designed to cognitively expand its knowledge base over time, learning from its own experiences or through practice, similar to a We have invested extensive effort with the new version, incorporating professional and accredited data from government and medical documentation resources.

The current version aims to provide a first line of health-related information. Plus, it offers Avant! smart internet search to provide answers and information to health related questions. The system is not intended to replace doctors but to provide front-line health information and guidelines. We also plan to seek clinics and hospitals as partners to provide an expert assistant in specific areas, for example expertise in cardiology or pediatrics. The Hippocrates system can become an expert in the specific domain through continuous training and experience of professional resources. This type of system can also be useful for providing health-related assistance and advice for remote locations and for general use. Hippocrates includes a mobile app that syncs with the web app, making it available anywhere in the world. We plan to continue developing the Hippocrates system, training it with more health-related information and providing it with more advanced capabilities, making it a personal and comprehensive health resource.

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