Former Director of Medical and Rural Health Services, three others indicted for irregularity in the supply of drugs to ESI dispensaries

The Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Directorate (DVAC) has indicted Mr. Enbasekaran, former Director of Rural Medical and Health Services (DMRHS), who was in charge of the ESI (Employees State Insurance Corporation) and three others for bribery, criminal conspiracy and cheating for causing a loss of ₹27.16 crore to the government in procuring medicines from ESI dispensaries in 2017-2018.

S. Amarnath, Superintendent of DMRH, John Andrew, former Regional Administrative Medical Officer, ESI, Madurai and Ashok Kumar, Regional Administrative Medical Officer (RAMO), ESI, Madurai were also named as defendants in the FIR registered by the DVAC.

The FIR said that as part of the criminal association, the accused officers forged a withdrawal for the procurement of drugs for 2017-2018 for Madurai region in violation of standing instructions and neglecting the doctors concerned. Knowing full well that buying valuable life-saving drugs in bulk will result in huge losses to the government. In addition, life-saving drugs required preservation apparatus and there was no such infrastructure or facilities in the relevant department. Their ultimate intention is to gain monetary benefit for themselves from private drug manufacturing units by buying bulk orders.

The accused had created fake dashes for the purchase of medicines for the region to the tune of ₹40.29 crore against the actual withdrawal of ₹13.12 crore which was prepared by a Kalyani doctor. She was transferred when she refused to sign the deed prepared by them.

The FIR said that they thus fraudulently deceived the government by misusing their official powers and caused a loss to the government to the tune of ₹27 crore to gain pecuniary benefit for themselves and to help the manufacturing units to obtain monetary benefits.

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