Drake man charged with attempted murder ordered to attend mental health services – Loveland Reporter-Herald

Jacobo Mendoza, a Drake man arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, among other charges, was ruled incompetent to proceed with his trial on Friday morning and ordered to attend inpatient catering services .

Mendoza, who was arrested in July 2021 after a man stopped to help a teenager described by a judge as ‘covered in blood’ on the side of the road, will return to court on February 2 for a review status at 3 p.m.

Jacobo Mendoza

After the passerby took the teen to a nearby fire station for help, he and a firefighter witnessed Mendoza slam his car into the man’s vehicle, forcibly remove the teen from the passenger seat and attempt to strangle him, according to earlier reports from authorities.

“The witness and (a) firefighter saw the suspect pull the witness’s wife out of the vehicle and violently assault her,” the statement announcing the arrest said at the time. “The Good Samaritan intervened and restrained the suspect until he was detained by an LCSO deputy who was en route in the immediate area when the initial call was made.”

Mendoza’s bond is set at $500,000 and repeated requests to have bail reduced were denied by Judge Laurie Dean, who presided over the case on Friday.

Mendoza faces 13 counts in total, including attempted murder, a Class 2 felony; second degree kidnapping, a class 2 felony; distributing a controlled substance to a minor, a class 1 drug felony; sexual exploitation of a child, a class 3 felony; non-consensual sexual contact, a class 4 felony; sexual assault of a child between the ages of 15 and 17 by a person in a position of trust, a class 4 felony; contributing to the delinquency of a minor, class 4 felony; second degree assault by strangulation, a class 4 felony; two counts of attempted second-degree assault with a deadly weapon, a Class 5 felony; invasion of privacy through sexual gratification, a class 1 misdemeanor; obstruction of telephone service, misdemeanor class 2; and reckless endangerment, a Class 3 misdemeanor. He also faces two increased sentences, one for violent sex crime and one for violent crime.

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