Clinician and Clalit Health Services partner to drive implementation of value-based care and digital care pathways in Israel

Auckland, New Zealand and TEL AVIV, Israel, July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The cliniciana global digital health innovator, has partnered with one of the world’s largest HMOs and Israel’s largest healthcare organization, Clalit Health Services, through its innovation arm – Clalit Innovation, to develop and deploy digital healthcare journeys across their 4.8 million patients, 20,000 clinicians, 1,500 community clinics and 14 hospitals. These pathways will enable the collection and analysis of important health data provided by patients in the community to improve the safety and quality of care provided.

The partnership aims to provide patients with a convenient, digital way to report their condition at home or in the community. It will also provide healthcare providers with the data they need to measure, analyze and improve care from the patient’s perspective. Using patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) to capture the patient’s perspective, these medically validated health assessments will allow individuals to report on important health outcomes, including quality of life, symptom burden, physical function and mental health.

Clalit will deploy The Clinician’s digital health platform, ZEDOC, initially to patients with hip and knee osteoarthritis and mental health (depression and anxiety).

Professor Ran Balicer, Chief Innovation Officer at Clalit Health Services and Founding Director of the Clalit Research Institute, shared: “Focus on patient-reported outcomes across the care cycle strengthens their ability to make informed choices about their care and enables providers to improve the quality and effectiveness of care delivered.”

“Clalit Hospitals perform nearly 1000 knee replacement surgeries per year and about 350 hip replacement surgeries per year, i.e. planned surgeries for which PROMs are performed. Here, the platform allows patients to use data accumulated and combined to assess their options and help them understand their recovery rates based on the treatment they choose.Making an informed, data-based decision will allow patients to avoid choosing treatments with low benefit to them and instead increase the choice of treatments that will prove to be very beneficial. explains Dr. Orly Weinstein, vice-president and head of the Hospitals division of Clalit.

To ensure that all health outcome data collected from patients at home can be viewed directly by clinical teams in their patients’ electronic medical record (EMR), The Clinician will integrate ZEDOC with health information systems. of Clalit via Clalit’s IT and digital division. Liora SchechterVP of the IT & Digital Division of Clalit shared: “The platform will be able to stream the data collected directly to medical records, and will allow healthcare teams to access this new information which will improve the actions carried out.

ZEDOC, combined with Clalit’s existing treatment and care data, enables the calculation of a world’s first value metric. This metric is the foundation of value-based models of care and will measure the benefits of healthcare services as reported by patients themselves against the cost.

The intention is to develop innovative digital care journeys for Clalit that will extend the reach of their healthcare services beyond traditional clinical settings and enable the integration of patient-reported health outcomes with cost data, and compared to their entire organization,” says Dr. Ron Tenenbaum, co-founder and CEO of The Clinician. “By working with the Clalit team to analyze their existing service utilization and cost data against the health outcomes achieved, we believe we will be able to develop a world-class healthcare model. based on value.”

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The Clinician is a global digital health innovator redefining the way healthcare is measured and delivered. Our cloud-based healthcare platform, ZEDOC, enables care teams to digitally monitor, inform and empower patients throughout their healthcare journey, from the comfort of their own home. By enabling the timely exchange of health outcomes, experiences, and educational content between clinical visits, The Clinician provides care teams and patients with real-time, actionable insights to improve health outcomes while reducing costs and inefficiencies. To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

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About Clalit Health Services

Clalit, the largest and most important HMO in Israel, provides medical services to more than 52% of the Israeli population, with a wide range of medical services: outpatient clinics throughout the country, where there are women’s health centers, pediatric health centers and specialized medical centers . In addition, Clalit operates 14 public hospitals and provides an additional set of services through subsidiaries which include the Clalit Smile network of dental clinics, Clalit Aesthetics, Clalit Complementary Medicine and ‘Mor’ Medical Institutes and Services. Clalit strives to prevent disease and promote a healthy lifestyle by providing quality medical services and advanced online services that make it possible to receive medical services from anywhere and anytime.

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