China completes initial phase of national health information platform

China has completed the initial phase of building a national health information platform, a health official said on Friday.

Mao Qun’an, director of the planning and information department of the National Health Commission, told a press conference that all provincial-level regions and 85 percent of municipal-level regions have also builds regional platforms to consolidate information on demographics, online health records of local residents, and electronic medical records.

More than 2,200 tertiary-level hospitals – the highest in a three-tier system for hospitals – have successfully shared information with each other.

To help fight the COVID-19 outbreak, key information on infected patients, regional health risks, nucleic acid test results and vaccination records are also being shared across regions, he said. he adds.

Mao said the commission is working with other government bodies to promote mutual recognition of digital health codes operated by different localities, to bring more convenience to domestic travelers.

As information plays an increasing role in health services, Mao stressed that the elderly should not be overlooked in the process. Traditional offline check-in services and volunteers to guide them in hospitals will continue to be offered to them.

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