Burnham-On-Sea Library launches new wellness space for free health information

The Burnham-On-Sea Library has unveiled a new wellness area for locals to get more information about mental health and other health-related topics.

The new upper floor area of ​​the Princess Street Library in Burnham offers over 400 health-related books in a comfortable and quiet seating area with free Wi-Fi.

Paul Impey, Burnham-On-Sea Library and Information Manager, said: “During the lockdown I contacted various organizations whose leaflets we had posted. One was called Sunlight Information, formerly Belmont Information Point, which operated out of the Bay Centre.

He adds, “They had a collection of mental health books that they loaned out to the public. It turned out that the two people running the organization had decided they couldn’t continue post-lockdown and so our conversation led to them donating their books to the library.

“Through their donation of approximately 250 books, we gained approval to create a new wellness space, increasing and expanding the range of topics with existing books from the library.”

“We now have a quiet space upstairs, accessible by elevator, with a couch and chairs where we have about 400 books on a wide range of topics related to mental health and general well-being.”

Topics include anxiety, depression, eating disorders, insomnia, Parkinson’s disease and quitting smoking and alcohol in Burnham Library’s new wellness area- On-Sea.

Paul adds: “The intention now is to liaise with various other appropriate organizations to see if they can use the space for things like walk-in sessions. The NHS is already looking to use it for a service offering health checks.

A blood pressure monitor is also available for members to borrow by asking at reception.

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