Burlington County commissioners approve contract for health services

Burlington County Commissioners renewed a contract with Maryville Inc. to continue to provide mental health and addictions services to county residents with the Hope One mobile outreach unit.

The board voted unanimously on September 14 to approve the one-year option year with the nonprofit provider to continue operating with Hope One until September 30, 2023.

The Hope One Unit is operated by a partnership between the Burlington County Sheriff’s Department and the Burlington County Department of Social Services. Other county departments and community partners also provide services with Burlington County Hope One, such as Burlington County Health Department, Maryville, Virtua Health, and Deborah Heart and Lung Center. Hope One visits destinations throughout the county to provide overdose prevention training and antidote, referrals to recovery services, housing and other resources for residents struggling with substance use disorders. substances or other mental illnesses.

Last year, the unit provided nearly 1,900 services to 832 individuals and families.

“Burlington County Hope One has been a game changer in our fight against the addiction epidemic by bringing services, education and resources directly to our communities where people live and work, rather than asking those in need help pick them up,” said Commissioner Felicia Hopson, liaison with the Burlington County Department of Social Services and the Department of Health. “We are proud of the success of the unit and Maryville and its staff have played a major role in it, so we are delighted that they will continue their service.”

Burlington County Deputy Sheriff Jim Kostoplis said Hope One is a tremendous community resource that has helped thousands of residents.

“As law enforcement officers, we are sworn to protect and serve. Too often people think of the first part and not the second,” Kostoplis said. “We want to help people with mental illness or addiction get the help and support they need and Hope One does just that. We would like to thank the Commissioners for starting this program and continuing to support it, as well as the agencies we partner with who provide services. »

Maryville has been providing services on Hope One since the program began in 2019. The nonprofit has also operated the county’s Post House Treatment Center since 2018.

Funding for the Maryville contact, estimated at $49,426, is provided by the New Jersey Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

This summer, the county received a $500,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to help equip the Hope One unit with more naloxone supplies and also to train additional recovery coaches to help further residents to enter treatment or get the support they need.

Burlington County has also opened two recovery centers in Westampton and Burlington City to provide critical support for those recovering. The first recovery center opened in 2020 in the Burlington County Social Services Building. The second was launched this summer in the municipal building of the city of Burlington.

In 2021, the Sheriff’s Department also launched a Law Enforcement Against Drugs (LEAD) education program in partnership with the Burlington County Municipal Alliance to help educate students about the dangers drugs, alcohol, and tobacco can pose to their health and their future.

“Burlington County has taken a comprehensive approach to combating this crisis and we remain committed to using all possible resources to help educate and ensure those who need treatment and support have access to it,” said Commissioner Hopson. “Working together, we have saved thousands of lives and we continue to fight to save more.”

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