Bertha Gxowa Hospital rolls out first phase of Health Information System – Germiston City News

Bertha Gxowa Hospital has deployed the first phase of the Health Information System (SIS).

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The project is being rolled out to all health facilities in Gauteng.

The scope of the project includes primary health care, community health care centers as well as teaching, tertiary, regional and district hospitals in the province.

“The HIS will enable Department of Health facilities to electronically capture patient health records,” said Patrick Sello, Information and Communications Technology Projects Manager for the Gauteng Department of Health.

“Information entered into the SIS in one healthcare facility will also be available in another facility that uses the system. Our patients can therefore consult in any of our health establishments.

This decrease in multiple registrations will result in a reduction in patient wait times.

“The aim of the system is to ensure that patient records become accessible through the electronic platform, which means that the problem of lost records will eventually become a thing of the past.”

With the new HIS, all administrative patient information will be accessible on the system.

Clinicians will be able to electronically enter data such as vital signs.

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Sello said the SIS will integrate with all existing systems used by the Gauteng Department of Health.
One of the major integrations of HIS is the South African Department of Home Affairs.

“This will allow patients to be correctly identified if they do not produce the required identity documents or to verify the identity documents produced.

“The HIS will also integrate with the South African National Blood Services,” Sello said.

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