Alluvion teams up with GFPS to offer behavioral health services

GREAT FALLS – Alluvion Health announced that it is working with Great Falls Public Schools to provide behavioral health services at Whittier Elementary School.

Many Whittier students live at or below the poverty line, which not only means they are more likely to have mental health issues, but it can also be more difficult to apply for help. assistance.

Whittier Elementary Principal Corri Smith said: “I think one of the biggest things that I see as a win-win for everyone is that kids can just walk up to ‘to any department because they’re school based. We have parents who work 2 -3 jobs, and being able to pick up their kids, pick them up from school, drop them off on a date. you to the doctor or the therapist, and getting them back to school is really hard when you make a provided in school.Children can be taken out of their classroom after parents give them permission They can get the services and walk back to class.It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Smith added: “We have 100% reduced breakfast and lunch, and that’s one of the things parents work on in 3 jobs. Having services here is helpful, as is taking breakfast. lunch and lunch for them.

Services include therapy services, mental health assessments, diagnostics, and more. Services will be provided by Alluvion Health PLCPC, Nikki Ritland. Ritland specializes in behavioral health services for children with anxiety, depression, ADHD and spectrum disorders.

Trevor Bolton, Director of School and Employer Wellbeing at Alluvion Health, said, “We have worked with GFPS for a few years. Whittier has always been on our list of schools to offer behavioral health therapy, and the opportunity presented itself. I worked with Corri at Whittier, the school district and staff to help us get there.”

Bolton said it not only helps parents. It is also about preparing students for adulthood.

“Early intervention is key,” he said. “Especially in elementary school. Helping them cope and deal with their situations right now and moving forward. Having the tools and resources to help them deal with those circumstances.

Currently, services are offered to students on Mondays and Fridays, but Alluvion strives to provide them throughout the week from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


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