Alberta Health Services Board of Directors welcomes new member

“I look forward to working with these two exceptional individuals and the entire AHS Board of Directors. The breadth and depth of skills, experience and commitment at the table will allow us to move forward in expanding our ability to deliver timely, high-quality health care services to every Albertan. , in every corner of the province,” said Jason Copping, Minister. Health, Thursday.

The Alberta Health Services Board is responsible for the governance of AHS. It works in partnership with Alberta Health to provide more than four million Albertans with access to high-quality, patient-centered health services.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to join the AHS Board of Directors and work with my fellow board members to improve the delivery of health care services in this great province. Recruitment and retention of healthcare professionals is a global challenge. I believe that my significant experience in human resources and change management can help AHS meet this challenge effectively and ensure that all Albertans have access to high quality health services in or near their communities,” said added Tara Lockyer, member of the Alberta Health Services Board.

“I am delighted to welcome Ms. Lockyer to the Board. His diverse talents and experiences will inform our work, particularly in the areas of workforce recruitment and retention. The renewal of Mr. Vaasjo is also excellent news. His contributions to our Board of Directors are invaluable, and his return for another three-year term ensures the continuity and stability of the Board and AHS,” said Gregory Turnbull, QC, President of Alberta Health Services. Board.

With Lockyer’s appointment and Vaasjo’s reappointment, the Alberta Health Services Commission is now made up of 12 members representing communities across the province.

Quick facts about the Government of Alberta

  • The board is established under section 3 of the Regional Health Authorities Act.

o The board is accountable to the Minister of Health.

o Members can be appointed for a maximum of 10 consecutive years.

o Promote and protect the health of Albertans who work to prevent disease and injury.

o Assess the health needs of the province on an ongoing basis.

o Determine priorities in the delivery of health services and allocate resources accordingly.

o Ensure reasonable access to quality health services.

o Promote the delivery of health services in a way that meets the needs of individuals and communities and supports the integration of services and facilities.

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